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Fruit Share

The fruit share is an additional pre-paid share that provides fresh organic or ecologically grown fruit in season. The 2018 vegetable/fruit share price is $755; there is also an option for a vegetable/double fruit share for $960. Please note that a fruit share can ONLY be purchased in conjunction with at least one vegetable share. Hawthorne Valley Farm provides the fruit in partnership with several other area farms.

If you purchase a fruit share, you will receive a selection of fruit as it ripens. In the past, CSA members who purchased a fruit share received strawberries, blueberries, stone fruit (nectarines and/or peaches, plums), pears, and apples.

Because members receive fruit as it ripens, you will not necessarily receive fruit each week. If shortfalls occur in one fruit variety, fruit from one of the other participating farms may be substituted. Typically, delivery begins with strawberries in June and ends with apples in the fall.