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Cost and Quantities:

The total price of a 2018 vegetable share is $550. Information on the fruit share is available here.

The weekly selection consists of the farm's current harvest and may differ from the harvest schedule below. You will likely receive between 6 and 10 different vegetables per week. The size of a weekly share varies during the season and is usually lighter in June, with leafy greens, salad mix, and "baby" vegetables, and heavier in the fall, with root vegetables, winter squash, and cooking greens.

The CSA distribution is self-serve. Each member comes to the site and packs their own share, though there are volunteers at the site to assist anyone who has trouble reading or understanding the signs. When you arrive to collect your share, you will see a sign that explains what to take- the choices and the amounts. The produce will be in boxes as it was packed, and they will be arranged so that it is relatively easy to gather your share. The different items are available by the bunch (for example, a bunch of carrots, a bunch of basil), by the count (a head of lettuce, 2 zucchini), or by weight (2lbs. potatoes, 3/4 lb. arugula).

The weekly selection is determined by the farmers- they pack what is being harvested that day. We do set up a swap box so that you may trade items that you do not like, but in general the CSA works best for people who are flexible about what they eat. We ask that you bring your own bags whenever possible. Bags may not be available at the pickup site.